Proposal to Sink Barges for Tangier Island Erosion Control in June 2011

As of June 2011, Tangier Island, Va., officials were seeking state and federal permits to allow sinking old barges to help reduce erosion of the island, which town officials have asserted is losing up to 30 feet of shoreline annually.  The sunken-barge idea came up after the town unsuccessfully sought federal funding for a seawall and jetty.  One town council member who owns a boat salvage business offered to provide the barges and sink them near the Canton section of the island.
Sunken barges will control erosion, Eastern Shore News, 6/25/11
Rigell: Use old barges to stem Tangier Island erosion, Virginian-Pilot, 6/18/11.

Additional items on Tangier Island, added 7/5/17:
Rising seas are washing away two US towns; How they’re responding is a matter of faith, belief and money, PRI, 7/12/16.
Tangier Island Is Sinking. Its Population Is Shrinking. And These Guys Want to Make It the Oyster Capital of the East Coast, Washingtonian, 6/6/16.



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