Conditions in Virginia Beach’s Back Bay Appear Improved in 2012 by Lake Tecumseh Dam Project

According to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service officials at Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge in Virginia Beach, in 2012 water quality, water levels suitable for recreation, wetlands, and habitat for aquatic animals were all improving in Back Bay as a result of placing small dams on two drainage canals that formerly connected Lake Tecumseh to the bay.  The $300,000 dam project, completed in 2011, was designed to re-establish the natural separation between the lake and the bay that had existed prior to construction of the canals in the 1960s.  Cutting off the connections reduced the flow of excessive sediment and other pollutants that previously had reached Back Bay through the Tecumseh canals.  The dam project also included placement of a solar-powered boat lift that allows boat passage from the lake to the bay.

Source:  Data show Va. Beach’s Lake Tecumseh project works, Norfolk Virginian-Pilot, 2/17/12

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