Living Shoreline Permit, Integrated Guidance for Tidal Shoreline Managment, and Comprehensive Coastal Resource Management Initiatives from Virginia Institute of Marine Science as of April 2013

According to the Center for Coastal Resources Management at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS), since 2011 the Virginia Marine Resources Commission and VIMS have been implementing a mandate from the Virginia General Assembly (Senate Bill 964 in the 2011 session) to develop the following tools for planning and management in Virginia’s coastal areas:

1. Living Shoreline General Permit;
2. Integrated Guidance for Tidal Shoreline Management; and
3. Comprehensive Coastal Resource Management Guidance.

The Marine Resources Commission has responsibility to develop the living shoreline permit and the guidance for tidal shoreline management, and VIMS has responsibility for developing the comprehensive coastal resource management guidance.  For the latter, VIMS is producing comprehensive coastal resource management plans for each locality in Tidewater Virginia, and those plans are to be incorporated in the next comprehensive plan review by those localities.

Information on these three initiatives is available in the Spring 2013 issue of Virginia Wetlands Report from the CCRM, online at

Progress on the living shoreline permit, the comprehensive coastal planning, VIMS’ “Recurrent Flooding Study for Tidewater Virginia,” and other topics were discussed at  on the Spring Tidal Wetlands Workshop–Building Capacity for Local Governments, on April 25, 2013, at VIMS’ Watermen’s Hall in Gloucester Point.  For more information:; Carl Hershner, phone (804) 684-7380, or e-mail:

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