Chesapeake Bay Restoration History and Current Issues are Focus of Comprehensive Series from The Annapolis Capital, 9/29/13—10/3/13

From September 29—October 3, 2013, the Annapolis (Md.) Capital newspaper published “Troubled Waters: The Fight to Save the Bay,” a series of articles on the history and current status of efforts to restore the water quality, aquatic habitat, and commerical fisheries of the Chesapeake Bay.  The series is available online at; or contact the newspaper at 410-268-5000 or  A subscription is required for online access to more than 10 Annapolis Capital articles per month.  Articles include the following:

Billions spent to save the Chesapeake Bay; Is it working?
What is a clean Chesapeake Bay?

Missed deadlines, and the future for blue crabs?
Lake Tahoe shows restoration possible, costly.

Following the money spent on Chesapeake Bay an elusive pursuit.
No easy answers to restore bays oyster population.
Businesses benefit from state-funded improvements.

Saving the message: Bay restoration effort has difficult public relations task.
The legacy of the Chesapeake Bays largest non-profit.
Critics decry Chesapeake Bay Foundation [agriculture] attitude.

The storm over Anne Arundel County’s stormwater fee.
Why $85? How the stormwater fee was set.
Anne Arundel short on stormwater maintenance inspectors.
Looking for examples of Anne Arundel stormwater projects?  Here’s two.

Additional features include the following:

Chesapeake Bay Foundation report cards through the years;
Potential public access sites in Anne Arundel;
From around the Web: Comments on the health of the Chesapeake Bay;
Key indicators of Chesapeake Bay health;
Sources of pollution in the bay watershed;
Total pollution loads to the Chesapeake Bay; and
Maryland pollution loads to the Chesapeake Bay.

530 pm sunset light TWO

A view of the Chesapeake Bay, looking toward Annapolis from Kent Island, Maryland, February 25, 2011.

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