Living Shorelines in Mid-Atlantic Area: Dec. 10-11, 2013, Conference in Cambridge, Md.; and Local Examples

The Mid-Atlantic Living Shorelines Summit was held December 10-11, 2013, in Cambridge, Maryland.  Organized by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Chesapeake Bay Trust, and Restore America’s Estuaries, the conference focused on maintenance of shorelines using natural, living structures rather than protecting shorelines only with hardened structures.  According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) “Habitat Conservation/Restoration Center” Web page, “[l]iving shoreline projects utilize a variety of structural and organic materials, such as wetland plants, submerged aquatic vegetation, oyster reefs, coir fiber logs, sand fill, and stone.   The benefits of living shorelines include: stabilization of the shoreline; protection of surrounding riparian and intertidal environment; improvement of water quality via filtration of upland run-off; [and] creation of habitat for aquatic and terrestrial species.”

For more information about the meeting, visit, or contact Sasha Land at

Update 3-5-14: For a Bay Journal report on the summit and on the issue of living shorelines generally, please see “Living shoreline summit highlights emerging science, practices,” Jan./Feb. 2014 issue.

For examples of living shorelines in the news around the Chesapeake Bay region, please see the following articles:

Project helping a living shoreline to emerge on shore [of] VA creek
, Bay Journal, Jan./Feb. 2014.

Partnership creates Living Shoreline at Camp Pecometh, The Kent Island (Md.) Bay Times, 10/18/13.

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