Water in the 2014 Virginia General Assembly: No Uranium-moratorium Removal Legislation will be Sought by Virginia Uranium in 2014

In a financial statement filed in November 2013, Virginia Energy Resources, Inc., the parent company for Virginia Uranium, Inc., stated that the company will not attempt to gain legislation in the 2014 Virginia General Assembly that would allow a proposed uranium mining and milling operation in the Coles Hill area of Pittsylvania County, Va.  Va. Gov-elect Terry McAuliffe stated after his election on November 5 that he would not approve legislation removing Virginia’s moratorium (in place since 1982) on uranium mining, nor would he support development now of regulations that would govern potential future uranium operations.  In a December 14, 2013, statement to the Associated Press, Virginia Uranium’s Patrick Wales said that the company remains “committed to the Coles Hill project [and]…will continue evaluating all options to move the project forward.”

Sources:  Drive to Mine Uranium in Va. Comes to Quiet Pause, Associated Press, as published by ABC News, 12/14/13; and Virginia Uranium re-evaluates, but remains “committed”, Danville Register & Bee, 12/16/13.

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