Virginia Water Supply and Use Information in 2012 Available in October 2013 Report by Va. DEQ

In October 2013, the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) released “Status of Virginia’s Water Resources: A Report on Virginia’s Water Resources Management Activities” (81 pages).  This is the latest DEQ annual report submitted to the governor and Virginia General Assembly in accordance with Section 62.1-44.40 of the Virginia Code.  According to the report’s summary, it “describes the status of the Commonwealth’s surface and groundwater resources, provides an overview of climatological conditions and impacts on water supplies in the Commonwealth, and provides an update on the Commonwealth’s Water Resources Management Program for the calendar year 2012, as well as an update regarding current 2013 conditions.”  The report includes tables and graphs showing water uses by various categories (public water supply, power generation etc.) and by water source (surface water or groundwater).  The report is available online at  The report notes that its focus is water quantity, and that the Commonwealth’s water quality is addressed in its biennial 305b/303d Integrated Report submitted to the U.S. EPA, according to requirements of the federal Clean Water Act (that report is available online at

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