Water in the 2014 Virginia General Assembly: Governor’s Budget Amendment Would Fund Commonwealth’s Membership in Interstate Commission on Potomac River Basin

On January 20, 2014, Va. Gov. Terry McAuliffe announced six proposed amendments to the current FY 2014 budget (as previously passed by the 2013 General Assembly session), and 19 proposed amendments to the 2015-16 biennial budget bill, HB 30, under consideration for the first time by the 2014 Virginia General Assembly.  The 2015-16 proposed amendments include one water-related item: adding $156,000 per year to restore annual membership dues for the Commonwealth’s participation in the Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin.

The full details of HB 30, the 2015-16 Budget Bill in in the House of Delegates, and of SB 30, the companion bill in the Senate, are available at the Legislative Information Systems Web site, http://leg2.state.va.us/MoneyWeb.NSF/sb2014.  At that site, you can also find details on HB 29 and SB 29, the bills proposing amendments to the 2014 budget. 

Source:Governor McAuliffe Announces Proposed Budget Amendments, Virginia Governor’s Office News Release, 1/20/14

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