National Groundwater Awareness Week, Mar. 9-15, 2014, is a Good Time for Audio Glimpses of Groundwater in Virginia

National Groundwater Awareness Week, organized by the National Ground Water Association, is being observed from March 9-15, 2014.  More information about the program is available online at

In connection with Groundwater Awareness Week, the Virginia Household Water Quality Program and a Virginia well-driller were featured in three daily segments of “Pulse of the Planet,” a daily, 2-minute “sound portrait” of nature, culture, and science around the world (Web site:

The three segments are as follows (please click on the date/title to go to each online segment):
March 10: Water-Drilling.
March 11: Water-Surface and Ground.
March 12: Water-Well Maintenance.

More information about the Household Water Quality program, including local drinking-water clinics where homeowners can have their well-water tested, is available online at; phone (540) 231-9058; e-mail:  The program is operated by the Virginia Tech Department of Biological Systems Engineering.

And if you like podcasts about groundwater, you might also be interested in the following Virginia Water Radio episodes on that subject.  Please click on the episode number/date to go to each online episode, where the audio, a written transcript, and additional information are available.

Episode 158 (4-22-13): “In the Cave” by Pepe Deluxe, for Virginia Cave Week (2 min./56 sec.).
Episode 178 (9-9-13): Groundwater Connections and Protection (2 min./58 sec.).
Episode 191 (12-9-13): The Water Cycle (3 min./31 sec.).
Episode 198 (1-27-14): Hydrologists Sing and Study, “Where Does the Water Go?” (2 min./44 sec.).

Big Spring Dec. 10, 2006

A spot where groundwater becomes surface water: Big Spring, just north of Leesburg, Va., Dec. 10, 2006.

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