Virginia Rivers in the Civil War Discussed in the Spring 2014 “Bay Journeys” from Bay Journal

“Shoring Up Civil Water Troops: VA Rivers Pivotal in Grant’s Overland Campaign,” by Leslie Middleton, on pp. 7-9 of the spring 2014 issue of “Bay Journeys” (an insert to the April 2014 issue of Bay Journal), describes the role of several Virginia rivers—the James, the Chickahominy, the Rapidan, and others—in the Civil War generally and specifically during pivotal action in 1846 and 1865, as the Union army under Gen. U.S. Grant moved ever closer to stratetic prize of capturing Richmond. The article gives guidance on how to visit those areas by land or water. The article is avaialable online at;or contact Bay Journeys at (717) 428-2819; e-mail:

And for audio introductions to the role of Virginia rivers in the Civil War, have a listen to these Virginia Water Radio episodes (all available at Episode 201 (2-17-14): Abraham Lincoln and the James River; Episode 164 (6/13/13): “Richmond is a Hard Road to Travel” by Bobby Horton; and Episode 101 (3-5-12): “All Quiet Along the Potomac Tonight” by Bobby Horton.

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