Hydraulic Fracturing for Gas and Oil was on the Ballot in Eight Localities in November 2014 Election

On November 5, 2014, three localities in California, four in Ohio, and one in Texas were the latest to consider proposed local limits on the practice of hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” to recover natural gas or oil from rock formations.  In California, voters in the counties of Mendocino and San Benito voted to ban fracking, while voters in Santa Barbara County voted against a fracking prohibition.  In Ohio, voters in the city of Youngstown and the towns of Gates Mill and Kent voted against fracking prohibitions, while voters in the city of Athens approved a fracking ban.  In Texas, voters in the city of Denton approved a fracking ban.  The votes took place in the context of differences among the areas in local and state economic situations, state laws, shale-bearing geologic formations, other natural resources (including water), and levels of current and past fracking activity.

Source: Split Decision by Voters on Local Fracking Bans, New York Times, 11/5/14.

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