Super Typhoon Nuri Remnants Pushing Cold Air from the Arctic to the Atlantic in November 2014; Sample of News Accounts from Nov. 6-12, 2014

The remnants of the large, powerful, Pacific Ocean-born tropical storm known as Super Typhoon Nuri, which began as a tropical depression on October 31, is considered by meteorologists to be the main driving force behind an Arctic air mass that has brought unseasonably cold air to Canada and the United States during the week of November 10, 2014.  The cold air was expected to reach Virginia and other parts of the South and East Coast by November 13.  Here are several sources’ accounts of the progress and impacts of Nuri from November 6 through November 12.
Arctic chill settles across Upper Midwest, Rockies, Associated Press, as published by Washington Post, 11/12/14.
Weather Journal: Blame cold on tropical, not polar, vortex, Roanoke Times, 11/11/14.

Weather bomb’ for the Bering Strait? Snow for the Prairies and Ontario? Blame Typhoon Nuri!, The Weather Network (Canada), 11/11/14.

Arctic blast not just a ‘cold snap’ from Typhoon Nuri, USA Today, 11/10/14.

Bering Sea Superstorm Among the Strongest Extratropical Cyclones on Record, The Weather Channel, 11/9/14.

Powerful storm blasts Alaska islands, then weakens, Associated Press, as published by Washington Post, 11/8/14.

NASA Web site for Nuri (Western Pacific Ocean), 11/7/14 (excellent satellite photos available here).

Intense storm hitting Alaska’s Aleutian Islands, CBS News, 11/7/14.

As It Turns Extra-Tropical, Typhoon Nuri Could Challenge All-Time Record, NPR, 11/6/14.

Nuri Oct 31

Nuri Nov 3Upper photo: Tropical Depression Nuri in the western North Pacific Ocean on October 31, 2014; photo courtesy of NASA and NOAA (National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration).   Lower photo: Super Typhoon Nuri on November 3, 2014; photo courtesy of NASA Goddard MODIS Rapid Response Team.  Both photos accessed from NASA Web site, “Nuri/Western Pacific Ocean,”, 11/12/14.

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