Virginia Water Central Newsletter November 2014 Issue Available; Includes Water-bill Inventory from 2014 Va. General Assembly, Info. for Tracking 2015 Gen. Assembly, and More

The November  2014 issue (Issue 63) of Virginia Water Central (the newsletter of the Virginia Water Resources Research Center) is available online at

The 40-page publication’s main features are inventory of water-related bills in the 2014 Virginia General Assembly and a guide to following the 2015 General Assembly, which will convene on January 7.

The issue also includes a water-status update (precipitation, groundwater, streamflow, and drought over recent months); notices about recent reports and other information sources ; a review of recent developments at the Water Center, including Virginia Tech’s new undergraduate water resource major, which will start in 2015; and a guide to topics covered in previous newsletter issues (starting June 1998).

For more information about Virginia Water Central, contact the editor at or (540) 231-5463.

USED Nov2014 Ice Heritage Park frog site 3 Nov22 2014

Frost on a temporary pond near Toms Creek in Blacksburg, Va., Nov. 22, 2014 (front-page photo from the November 2014 Virginia Water Central).



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