Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab Life Cycle, Spawning-age Females, and Winter-dredge Population Estimates Discussed in Feb.12, 2015, Washington Post Article

To save their depleted species, female blue crabs go the extra mile to spawn in the bay, Washington Post, 2/12/15.

This article describes the life cycle of the Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab, focusing particularly on spawning-age females and recent fluctuations in their population and in the overall Blue Crab population.  Winter-dredge population estimates for spawning-age females decreased to about 69 million in 2014 from a peak of about 218 million in 2012; the overall Blue Crab population also decreased significantly over that period.  The 2015 winter-dredge population survey of about 1500 locations in Virginia and Maryland Bay waters was underway as of mid-February.

Click on the title to access the article, or contact the Post’s reprint office at (212) 221-9595, ext. 210, or e-mail:

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