Water Conservation at Commercial Car Washes is Focus of Certification Program by International Carwash Association

Following a snowy February 2015, many Virginians may be thinking it’s time to wash the dirt and road salt off of their vehicles.

The WaterSavers® Program of the International Carwash Association promotes reduced use of fresh water, proper handling of the used water, backflow prevention, and cleaning quality at commercial car-wash facilities.  The program Web site, at http://www.carwash.org/watersavers, provides information for businesses to seek certification in the program, and a location tool for consumers to find certified facilities.  More information about the International Carwash Association is available at their main Web site, http://www.carwash.org/, or contact the group at in Chicago at (888) 422-8422; e-mail: info@carwash.org.

U.S. EPA information on water use and management in vehicle washing is available in the EPA’s “WaterSense” program document online (as PDF) at http://www.epa.gov/watersense/commercial/docs/watersense_at_work/#/179/zoomed.

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