U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and National Institutes for Water Resources Request for Proposals for FY 2015—Due July 17, 2015

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Institute for Water Resources (IWR), in cooperation with the National Institutes for Water Resources (NIWR), is requesting proposals for Fiscal Year 2015 grants of up to $200,000 in the following areas of priority:

*Using case studies and historical analysis describe the success or lack of success in water resources strategic planning initiatives within the continental United States.

*Analyze current demands versus projected changes in United States inland or marine navigation that result and will continue from the United States expansion in petroleum production.

*Through case study analyses, identify opportunities and challenges to improve integration by Federal agencies, to include USACE, with each other and state agencies when dealing with water resources issues.

*Develop alternatives for the future role of the Federal government pertaining to the Nation’s water resources as a result of the changing roles and capabilities of federal, state, and local water resources agencies; and evolving challenges such as demographic shifts, climate variation, economic changes, and similar influencers.

*Identify criteria, recommend roles for various levels of government, and develop procedural alternatives to describe tolerable and acceptable risk for critical infrastructure that could be applicable across a variety of infrastructures associated with water resources.

*Compare methodologies and approaches for harmonizing collaborative decision-making processes that recognize local and regional values with the need to achieve national level consistency with Federal interests.

*Evaluate and assess the Federal interest in coastal storm damages associated with storm surge, shoreline loss, navigation, terrestrial and wetland ecosystems, and similar impacted areas; and provide rationale for how, based on Federal interest, the Federal government should be involved with various structural and non-structural risk-reduction activities.

*Identify and describe how select USACE and non-government partnerships could initiate or more effectively yield self-sustaining water resources improvements, developments, and management that directly or indirectly benefit economically depressed and/or disadvantaged communities.

Awards will be made only to the Water Resources Research Institutes authorized by the Water Resources Research Act of 1984 and listed at http://water.usgs.gov/wrri/institutes.html.  The institute in Virginia is the Virginia Water Resources Research Center.  Individuals located at accredited colleges or universities other than those at which these institutes are located may submit an application through those institutes.

Funded projects must conclude by September 23, 2017. Grant proposals may request up to $200,000 in federal funds, but proposals for smaller amounts are encouraged.  The government’s obligation under this program is contingent upon the availability of funds.

Proposals must be submitted by 4:00 PM, Eastern Time, July 17, 2015.

The RFP is available (as a PDF) at the following link: Corps of Engineers NIWR RFP for Jul 17 2015.

For more information, contact Dr. Joe Manous, Institute for Water Resources/U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 7701 Telegraph Road, Alexandria, VA 22315; joe.manous@usace.army.mil; (703) 428-7074.

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