Virginia Shellfish (Clam and Oyster) Aquaculture Situation and Outlook Report Released in April 2015, Showing a Record $55.9 Million in Revenues during 2014

On April 7, 2015, the Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS) and Virginia Grant released the latest “Virginia Shellfish Aquaculture Situation and Outlook Report” (dated March 2015), presenting the results of the 2014 survey of clam and oyster aquaculture in Virginia waters.  The survey has been conducted since 2005.

Results from 2014 showed the following:
$55.9 million in the farm-gate value in 2014, a record for  Virginia aquaculture, including $17.1 million for oysters and $38.8 million for clams;

14% increase over 2014 in clam-aquaculture revenue and 33% for oyster-aquaculture revenue;

243 million farmed clams sold, a record for Virginia growers and the highest of any state in 2014;

39.8 million farmed oysters sold, also a record for Virginia;

86% of oysters sold out of state.

The full report, VSG-15-01/VIMS Marine Resource Report No. 2015-3, is available from VIMS online at

For two news media accounts on the report, please see the following:

Oyster, clam aquaculture harvests make record gains in VA; Survey’s authors expect number of farm-raised oysters to grow another 26 percent next year, Bay Journal, 4/20/15.  (This article provides details on the growth over recent years of Virginia’s oyster-aquaculture industry.)

Virginia oyster and clam sales break records in 2014, Associated Press, as published by Lancaster Farming, 4/8/15.

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