Energy Efficiency Committee Created by Va. Governor in May 2015

Following are the hyperlinked headline and an excerpt from the Virginia governor’s office’s May 11, 2015, news release on the creation of the Governor’s Executive Committee on Energy Efficiency.

Governor Creates Committee to Reduce Energy Consumption in the Private Sector, 5/11/5.

Excerpt: “Governor Terry McAuliffe today announced the formation of the Governor’s Executive Committee on Energy Efficiency.  The Executive Committee [includes] public and private sector stakeholders that will develop strategies and recommendations to achieve the goal of a 10-percent reduction in retail electricity consumption in the Commonwealth by 2020.   This goal was originally recommended in the 2007 Virginia Energy Plan by then Governor Tim Kaine, and Governor McAuliffe has accelerated the timeline of achieving this goal by two years to 2020.  … The Executive Committee will be overseen by Secretary of Commerce and Trade Maurice Jones and will be staffed by the Energy Division of the Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals, and Energy.  … Details of the role and duties of the Governor’s Executive Committee on Energy Efficiency can be found in the recommendations section of the 2014 Virginia Energy Plan, online (as PDF) at”

For more on the Virginia Energy Plan, please see the following News Grouper item, posted June 6, 2014:
Virginia Energy Plan for 2014 Developed by Virginia Energy Council, Announced June 4, 2014; Six Public-listening Sessions Held in June and July 2014; Report to General Assembly in Fall 2014.

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