1889 Rainstorm-caused Train Wreck Tragically Linking Bedford County, Va., with Cleveland, Tenn., Commemorated in New Virginia Historical Marker, Unveiled May 19, 2015

On May 19, 2015, the Virginia Department of Historic Resources unveiled a new marker commemorating the July 2, 1889, rainstorm-caused train wreck near the Bedford County, Va., town of Thaxton, that killed at least 18 people, including three prominent citizens of Cleveland, Tennessee.

A new sign marks site of 1889 train wreck in Thaxton, by columnist Dan Casey, Roanoke Times, 5/21/15, looks back at the event and reports on the marker-unveiling ceremony.  The wreck resulted from heavy rain that swelled normally small Wolf Creek and washed out a railroad embankment. The accident had a major impact on Cleveland, which soon afterwards erected a monument to its lost citizens.  The Tennessee city played a prominent role in the Virginia marker, too: the Allan Jones Foundation of Cleveland financed the cost of the marker, paid for a catered lunch for the unveiling ceremony, and charterd a bus to bring several Cleveland citizens to the ceremony, including Allan Jones and Cleveland’s current mayor.

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