Increasing Public Access to Virginia State Waters is the Focus of July 9, 2015, Memorandum of Understanding among Three State Agencies

On July 9, 2015, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) among three state agencies on increasing public access to state waters.  Following are the hyperlinked headline and an excerpt from the governor’s office’s news release on MOU.  To learn more about outdoor recreational planning in Virginia, visit the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation’s “Virginia Outdoors Plan” Web site at

Governor McAuliffe Signs Agreement on Expanding Public Access to State Waters; the MOU enhances the partnership among three state agencies to increase access to public waters, Virginia Governor’s Office News Release, 7/9/15.

“The MOU…directs three state agencies to work together to identify new potential public-access projects, particularly at bridge crossings and roads. The three agencies mentioned in the MOU are the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation [DCR], the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries [DGIF], and the Virginia Department of Transportation [VDOT]. The MOU formalizes the process by which the agencies will work together on new access projects.

“Specifically, the MOU states [the following]:
DCR, DGIF and VDOT representatives will meet at least annually to review bridge, road or ferry project sites for the potential to offer public access to state waters.
DCR or DGIF will seek comments from adjacent property owners, local governments and other stakeholders for proposed access projects.
VDOT will stabilize or leave in place any access roads or staging areas within its right of way that could be useful for the development of access projects. …

“For more than 15 years, the Virginia Outdoors Demand Survey has ranked public access to state waters for recreation as one of the top 10 outdoor recreation needs in the state. The survey is administered widely to a cross-section of Virginia residents.”

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