Four Potential Natural Gas Pipeline Projects Affecting Virginia Summarized in 8/18/15 Article by Bacon’s Rebellion

A Plethora of Pipelines, published on August 18, 2015, by Bacon’s Rebellion, a blog by Jim Bacon, provides background information on four currently proposed or possible natural gas pipeline projects whose routes would, or already do, cross parts of Virginia.  The article is available online at

The four projects discussed in the article are the following:

1) EQT Corporation of Pennsylvania and NextEra Energy of Florida, collaborating to form Mountain Valley Pipeline LLC: approximately 300-mile Mountain Valley Pipeline from West Virginia to a connection at Chatham, in Pittsylvania County, Va., with the existing Transcontinental, or Transco, pipeline, which runs from Texas to New York.

2) Dominion Resources and several partners: approximately 550-mile Atlantic Coast Pipeline from West Virginia through central Virginia to North Carolina.

3) Williams Company, headquartered in Oklahoma: Appalachian Connector (formerly called the Western Marcellus Pipeline), which would run from Ohio/West Virginia to Chatham, Va.; at Chatham, the pipeline would connect with the Transco pipeline, which Williams operates.

4) Columbia Pipeline Group: WB Xpress, a significant expansion and upgrade of its existing pipeline network in Virginia and West Virginia.

More information about the proposed pipeline projects and other natural gas developments in Virginia is available at this Water Central News Grouper post.  The post includes links to many other sources of information, including a long list of related news articles in 2014-15.

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