Virginia Climate Change Commission Approves Recommendations on 8/31/15 for Updating Virginia’s Climate Change Action Plan

On August 31, 2015, the Virginia Climate Change and Resiliency Update Commission reached broad agreement on five recommendations for actions the Commonwealth can take to reduce carbon emissions or to adapt to impacts of climate changes.  The five recommendations, which (along with other recommendations) will be submitted by September 30, 2015, in the group’s report to Gov. Terry McAuliffe, are the following:
*create a special bank to finance renewable-energy projects;
*create a state clearinghouse for climate-change information;
*set a target for state agencies for using renewable energy;
*establish a requirement that a certain percentage of new vehicles sold in Virginia not emit carbon dioxide;
*seek federal funds for programs to increase the resiliency of Virginia coastal areas to sea-level rise and other effects connected to climate changes.

Source: Climate commission endorses information clearinghouse, other efforts, Richmond Times-Dispatch, 8/31/15.

On July 1, 2014, Gov. McAuliffe signed Executive Order 19, which re-convened the Governor’s Climate Change and Resiliency Update Commission. The Commission is to review, update, and prioritize the recommendations of the 2008 Virginia Climate Change Action Plan (available online at

For more information on the Commission, see Gov. McAuliffe’s 7/1/14 news release at, or the governor’s executive order reconvening the Commission, online at

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