National Prescription Drug Take-back Day Returns on September 26, 2015

Sept. 26, 2015, is the next scheduled National Prescription Drug Take-back Day.

Coordinated by the U.S. Department of Justice/Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), and conducted by law-enforcement agencies nationwide, the event is designed to help people properly dispose of unused drugs.  Proper disposal helps prevent improper drug use and helps keep chemicals out of waterways.

To see if a take-back day is happening near you,  call your local police or sheriff’s department, or visit the U.S. Department of Justice “National Take Back Initiative” Web site,, where you can search for the take-back location nearest you.  More information is available in a July 28, 2015, news release from the DEA, online at

For an audio take on proper disposal of medications, have a listen to Virginia Water Radio Episode 107 (4-16-12) (2 min./52 sec.).

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