On Virginia Water Radio for 11-16-15: Virginia Tech Student Research into Connections between Watershed Processes and Antibiotic Resistance

Virginia Water Radio’s latest episode, for the week of November 16, 2015, is Antibiotic Resistance Research Follows Genetic Trails in Watersheds.  The episode focuses on the phenomenon of antibiotic resistance in bacteria, the potential spread of resistance genes through watersheds, and research by Virginia Tech graduate student Emily Garner, a  2014 recipient of a research grant from the Virginia Water Resources Research Center (which produces this blog site and Virginia Water Radio).  The 4 min./59 sec. episode is available online at http://www.virginiawaterradio.org/2015/11/episode-290-11-16-15-antibiotic.html.

VDH Logo for Get Smart campaign

Logo for Virginia Department of Health’s campaign to increase public awareness of antibiotic resistance, accessed online at https://www.vdh.virginia.gov/Epidemiology/Surveillance/Getsmart/resistance.htm, 11/10/15.

Virginia Water Radio’s is a weekly broadcast/podcast produced by the Virginia Water Resources Research Center.  The home page is http://www.virginiawaterradio.org.  Have a listen or two! 

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