East Coast Winter Storm Forecast for Jan. 21-24, 2016 – Information Resources

The latter part of the week of January 18-24, 2016, is expected to bring a significant winter storm to much of the eastern United States, with potential for heavy snowfall, power outages, and coastal flooding.

For an idea of what’s beings forecast as of 1/19/16, have a look at Weather Underground’s “East Coast Snowstorm: Five Things to Know,” online at http://www.wunderground.com/news/five-things-to-know-east-coast-snowstorm.

For an assessment of the potential for Virginia, as of 1/19/16, see “Weather Journal” by Kevin Myatt of The Roanoke Times, online at http://www.roanoke.com/weather/columns_and_blogs/blogs/weather_journal/.

For sources of information on snowfall forecasts and accumulation, please see this Virginia Water Central News Grouper post: Snowfall Prediction and Accumulation Information and Map Sources for Virginia and Nationwide, as of January 2016.



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