Virginia Solid Waste Report for 2015 Data Issued on June 23, 2016, by Va. DEQ

On June 23, 2016, the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) released its 19th annual report on solid waste management in Virginia, covering municipal solid waste, construction and demolition debris, vegetative and yard waste, and other types of waste collected in 2015 at 206 permitted facilities.

The total amount of solid waste received at Virginia facilities during 2015 was about 20.7 million tons, an increase of about 500,000 tons over 2014’s total.

About 5.4 million tons originated from outside of Virginia, an increase of about 100,000 tons over 2014’s total.

Municipal solid waste comprised about 12.7 million tons (about 61 percent) of Virginia’s total waste in 2015; construction/demolition debris comprised about 3.9 million tons; industrial waste about 1.3 million tons; and the rest was from several other kinds of waste.

Out-of-state waste came primarily from Maryland (about 1.26 million tons), New York (about 1.22 million tons), Washington, D.C. (about 827,000 tons), North Carolina (about 155,000 tons), and New Jersey (about 60,000 tons).

Of the 2015 total waste, about 12.7 million tons were disposed of in landfills; about 2.0 million tons were incinerated; about 766,000 tons were sent off-site to be recycled; about 677,000 tons were recycled on-site; and the rest was managed by mulching, composting, or other means.

The report for 2015 data (32 pages) and reports for previous years are available at  See also Virginia issues solid waste report for 2015, Virginia Department of Environmental Quality news release, 6/23/16.

For News Grouper posts on previous years’ solid-waste reports, please see this link:

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