Virginia Recurrent Coastal Flooding is Focus of Continued Joint Legislative Subcommittee, Meeting on July 6, 2016

Virginia’s Joint Subcommittee on Coastal Flooding will meet July 6, 2016, 1 p.m., at the General Assembly Building, House Room C, 201 North 9th Street in Richmond.  Click here for PDF of agenda.

The 2016 Virginia General Assembly passed HJ 84 and SJ 58, companion bills that called for the continuation of a joint subcommittee, first established as a result of resolutions in the 2014 session, to develop recommendations for a comprehensive and coordinated planning effort to address recurrent flooding in Virginia’s Tidewater and Eastern Shore regions.

The action in 2014 followed a report by the Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS), “Recurrent Flooding Study for Tidewater Virginia,” published as Senate Document 3 in 2013.  According to the 2016 resolutions, the VIMS report “stated that recurrent flooding impacts all localities in Virginia’s coastal zone is predicted to become worse over reasonable planning horizons (20 to 50 years); and ….offered several recommendations, including that the Commonwealth, working with its coastal localities, do the following: (i) begin comprehensive and coordinated planning efforts; (ii) initiate identification, collection, and analysis of data needed to support effective planning for response efforts; and (iii) take a lead role in addressing recurrent flooding in Virginia….”  The 2016 resolutions direct the subcommittee to “recommend short-term and long-term strategies for minimizing the impact of recurrent flooding and coastal storms.”

The July 6 meeting is the first for the continued joint subcommittee, which includes four members of the House of Delegates, three members of the State Senate, and three citizen members.

News items on the Joint Committee (since July 13, 2016):
Virginia Leaders Discuss Flooding Concerns, WVIR TV-Richmond, 7/13/16

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