Rex Springston’s November 2015 Retirement Marked 22 Years of Environmental Reporting

On November 30, 2015, reporter Rex Springston retired from the Richmond Times-Dispatch, after 24 years at that newspaper—including environmental reporting for 22 years—and 41 years altogether in journalism.  On January 21, 2016,  the Virginia departments of Forestry; Game and Inland Fisheries; Conservation and Recreation; and Environmental Quality jointly presented Mr. Springston with a Lifetime Achievement Award (State agencies honor Springston for environmental reporting, Richmond Times-Dispatch, 1/21/16).

Just prior to his retirement, Mr. Springtson compiled a list of some of his favorite articles, covering subjects from sturgeon in the James River, to Canebrake Rattlesnakes in southeastern Virginia swamps, to Hellbender salamanders in southwestern Virginia streams.  That collection, along with links to several other articles over the years, is available online at the following link: Advice of long years of reporting: Love bats, avoid ticks, Richmond Times-Dispatch, 11/30/15.

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