Chesapeake Executive Council Annual Meeting on October 4, 2016

On October 4, 2016, the Chesapeake Executive Council held its annual meeting at the Virginia State Arboretum at Blandy Experimental Farm near Boyce (Clarke County).  The Council includes the governors of Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia; the administrator of the U.S. EPA; the mayor of the District of Columbia; and the chair of the Chesapeake Bay Commission, a group of state legislators from Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.  Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe is currently the chair of the Council.

Following is the Chesapeake Bay Program’s short summary of the meeting, accessed at “During this meeting, members of the council adopted a resolution to support and collaborate with local governments and noted the signs of resiliency that are beginning to be seen throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed.  The Executive Council also heard from Chesapeake Bay Program Director, Nick DiPasquale, who discussed the partnership’s work over the past year, and Brigadier General William Graham, who presented the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Chesapeake Bay Comprehensive Plan.”

More information on the October 2016 meeting  is available at the Chesapeake Bay Program Web site, 2016 Executive Council Meeting; and in Chesapeake Executive Council holds annual meeting to set goals and guidance for Bay Program partnership, Chesapeake Bay Program News Release, 10/5/16.

Information on previous meetings (since 1998), and on the Council generally is available at  The Water Central News Grouper item the 2015 Executive Council meeting (held in July) is at this link.

For more information on the most recent Chesapeake Bay agreement, signed in 2014, please see the September 5, 2014, Water Central News Grouper post, The 10 Goals of the Chesapeake Bay Agreement of June 2014; and the Chesapeake Bay Program Web page at

Media account about the 2016 meeting:
Pennsylvania in the crosshairs as Bay restoration leaders meet, Bay Journal, 10/3/16.

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