Drought in Atlanta, Ga., and Other Parts of the Southeast in 2016

Latest update: 12/7/16

Since mid-summer 2016, areas around Atlanta, Georgia, have been in “severe, ” “extreme,” or “exceptional” drought, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor’s weekly reports.  The Drought Monitor (produced at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and available online at http://droughtmonitor.unl.edu/) identifies five levels of dry conditions: D0 = abnormally dry; D1 = moderate drought; D2 = severe drought; D3 = extreme drought; D4 = exceptional drought.  For example, the July 5, 2016, report categorized about 28 percent of the Peach State (concentrated in the northern section) in severe drought and about 7 percent in extreme drought, with an estimated 6.7 million people n drought-affected areas.  In the Drought Monitor report for November 22, 2016, the percentages for Georgia were 67.8 percent in severe or worse drought, 56.6 percent in extreme or worse drought, and 33.8 percent in exceptional drought.  Below are the November 22 and July 5 Drought Monitor maps and tables of statistics for Georgia.

Georgia drought

The drought around Atlanta is part of a much larger area of severe (or worse) drought in the southeastern United States, centered over Alabama and Georgia.  That region has had areas categorized by the Drought Monitor as in severe (or worse) drought since the week of May 31, 2016.  Shown below is the Drought Monitor’s Southeast Region map and statistics chart for November 22, 2016.


Some News Media Accounts of Drought in the Atlanta Area and Other Parts of the Southeast in 2016

Despite recent rains, all of Alabama still in severe drought or worse, WTVY TV -Dothan, Ala., 12/5/16.

What you need to know about Georgia’s new fireworks restrictions during drought, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 12/5/16.

Early signs of water woes in parts of the South, Associated Press, as published by CBS News, 11/27/16

Georgia imposes mandatory water restrictions as drought worsens, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 11/17/16.

Drought deepens, fire danger increases for metro Atlanta, WXIA TV-Atlanta, 10/21/16.

Officials Declare Drought In Atlanta, North Georgia, WABE FM-Atlanta, 9/9/16.

Atlanta drought stretches into 6th straight month, WGCL TV-Altanta, 9/9/16.

Drought affects GA peach harvest, WSB TV/Atlanta, 7/5/16.

Drought Conditions Expand Around Atlanta, North Georgia, WABE 90.1 FM/Atlanta, 7/1/16.

Severe drought expands in Georgia, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 6/23/16.

As feared drought in Georgia worsens, Kirk Mellish’s Weather Commentary, WSB 95.5 FM/Atlanta, 6/23/16.

Other Drought-information Resources

Georgia Department of Natural Resources/Division of Environmental Protection, “Water Conservation,” online at https://epd.georgia.gov/water-conservation.

National Integrated Drought Information System, online at https://www.drought.gov/drought/.

U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), “Alabama DroughtWatch,” online at http://al.water.usgs.gov/drought/; “Georgia DroughtWatch,” online at http://ga.water.usgs.gov/drought/.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln, “Drought Impact Reporter,” online at http://droughtreporter.unl.edu/map/.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)/National Centers for Environmental Information, “Drought–September 2016,” online at https://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/sotc/drought/201609.

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