Block Island, Rhode Island, Offshore Wind-energy Project Begins Commercial Operation on Dec. 12, 2016; First U.S. Commercial Offshore Wind Project

On December 12, 2106, the Block Island, Rhode Island, offshore wind-energy project began commercial operation.  The $300-million project, consisting of five wind turbines, is the first commercial offshore wind-energy facility in the United States.

Sources: Block Island Wind Farm begins commercial operations, Deepwater Wind News Release, 12/12/16.  U.S. builds first offshore wind farm, PBS NewsHour video (10 min./00 sec.), 12/11/16.

For a previous News Grouper post related to the Rhode Island project, please see Virginia, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island are Planned Locations for First-ever Offshore Wind Energy Lease Sales, Expected in 2013.

For a News Grouper post on offshore wind-energy developments in Virginia as of April 2015, please see Offshore Wind-energy Development in Virginia: April 2015 Update, including March 24, 2015, Announcement of First Research Lease in Federal Waters.

For a News Grouper post on a proposed onshore wind-energy project in Botetourt County, Va., which if built would be the first commercial-scale wind project in Virginia, please see Commercial-scale Wind-energy Project Proposal in Botetourt County, Va.

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