Communicating Science is Focus of National Academies Report in January 2017

In January 2017, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine released Communicating Science Effectively: A Research Agenda.  The 126-page report is available available online at  From that site, here is a description of the publication:

“Science and technology are embedded in virtually every aspect of modern life.  As a result, people face an increasing need to integrate information from science with their personal values and other considerations as they make important life decisions about medical care, the safety of foods, what to do about climate change, and many other issues.  Communicating science effectively, however, is a complex task and an acquired skill.  Moreover, the approaches to communicating science that will be most effective for specific audiences and circumstances are not obvious.  Fortunately, there is an expanding science base from diverse disciplines that can support science communicators in making these determinations.

Communicating Science Effectively offers a research agenda for science communicators and researchers seeking to apply this research and fill gaps in knowledge about how to communicate effectively about science, focusing in particular on issues that are contentious in the public sphere.  To inform this research agenda, this publication identifies important influences—psychological, economic, political, social, cultural, and media-related—on how science related to such issues is understood, perceived, and used.”

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