Natural History of the Great Smoky Mountains Course Offered by Virginia Tech Aug. 5-12, 2017

If you’re interested in the Great Smoky Mountains or the southern Appalachians in general–the water, air, land, people, plants, wildlife, and more–consider the Virginia Tech course, Natural History of the Great Smoky Mountains, August 5-12, 2017.  This three-credit course is led by Dr. Donald Linzey, an adjunct instructor in the the Virginia Tech Department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation and the author of A Natural History Guide to Great Smoky Mountains National Park (University of Tennessee Press, Knoxville, 2008).

People who are not degree-seeking Virginia Tech students may still participate in the course as special, non-degree students; an application process to Virginia Tech for that status is required.

For more information about the course, contact Dr. Linzey at (540) 231-2290 or  For details about registration, contact Susan Higgins at (540) 231-5482 or Cathy Barker at (540) 231-3486.

For an audio take on biodiversity and how Virginia Tech’s Great Smoky Mountains course focuses on that topic, have a listen to Virginia Water Radio Episode 260 (4-6-15), Biodiversity in Virginia and the Southern Appalachian Mountains (4 min./27 sec.).

Jordans Red-cheeked Salamander near Clingmans Dome Obs Tower Great Smoky Mt NP Aug6 2014 in Don Linzeys hands

A Jordan’s Red-cheeked Salamander, found near Clingman’s Dome in Great Smoky Mountain National Park, was one of the treasures found during the 2014 version of Virginia Tech’s summer field course, “Natural History of the Great Smoky Mountains.”

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