Virginia Floodplain Mapping Tool Update Announced in February 2017

In late February 2017, the Virginia Governor’s Office announced updates to the online Virginia Flood Risk Information System (VFRIS), a mapping tool to help users identify whic properties are located within different zones of flooding probabilities.  For example, the maps indicate lands within the Special Flood Hazard Zone, defined as the area that would be inundated by the flood event calculated to have a one-percent chance of being equaled or exceeded in any given year; this zone is also referred to as the “100-year floodplain.”

The revised VFRIS is available online at

VFRIS was developed by the Virginia Institute of Marine Science’s Center for Coastal Resources Management in partnership with the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), which is the agency responsible for the Virginia’s floodplain management program.

Source: Governor McAuliffe Announces Updates to Virginia Flood Risk Information System; Free online tool helps Virginians plan for flood-related emergencies and develop resiliency strategies, Virginia Governor’s Office News Release, 2/28/17.

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