Va. Lakes and Watersheds Association’s Leo Bourassa Scholarships for 2017 – April 1 is Deadline to Apply

In 2017, the Virginia Lakes and Watersheds Association (VLWA) is again offering its annual Leo Bourassa Scholarship to Virginia residents who are attending an accredited Virginia college or university.

The  deadline to apply for this year’s scholarships is April 1, 2017.

Eligibility criteria are as follows:
Be a student in good standing at any Virginia accredited college or university;
Be a resident of Virginia at the time of application and of the award;
Be a full-time undergraduate student, full-time graduate student, or part-time graduate student; and
Be enrolled in a curriculum related to water resources (including, but not limited to, biology, conservation, ecology, engineering, environmental science, geology, hydrology, limnology, stormwater management, water quality, and wildlife sciences).

Past award recipients are eligible to reapply.

According to VLWA’s announcement of this year’s scholarship, in past years the organization has given from two-to-four awards per year, ranging from $1,000 to $3,000 each.  The organization intends to give at least one undergraduate scholarship and one graduate scholarship, with possible additional awards depending on the number and quality of applicants.

More information and application forms are available online at; or contact Shelly Frie at (757) 671-6222 or

VLWA logoLogo of the Virginia Lakes and Watersheds Association,
accessed at the association’s Web site,, 3/6/17.

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