Ground Water Rule, Published by EPA in 2006, is Focus of Webinar on 3/28/17 by the National Rural Water Association

On March 28, 2017, 3 p.m-4 p.m. EDT, the National Rural Water Association will hold a Webinar on the Ground Water Rule.  For more information on the Webinar or to register, visit

The Ground Water Rule was published by the U.S. EPA in November 2006 and took effect in December 2009.  The EPA’s Web site on the rule is  According to that site (at “Compliance”), the rule “establishes a risk-based approach to target ground water systems vulnerable to fecal contamination.  Ground water systems that are at risk of fecal contamination must take corrective action.  Corrective action reduces potential illness from exposure to microbial pathogens.  The rule applies to public water systems that use ground water as a source of drinking water.”  The EPA’s “Quick Reference Guide” to the rule is available online at

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