Trout Fishing in Virginia: Links to VDGIF Stocked Trout Management Plan for 2016-2025 and Annual Stocking Plan

The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF) “Virginia Stocked Trout Management Plan (2016-2025)” is available online (as a PDF) at  A draft of the plan was released in July 2015, and public comments were accepted by VDGIF until September 2015.  The plan was produced by VDGIF, the Virginia Tech Department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation, and citizens on a stakeholder advisory committee.

According to the Executive Summary of the plan, the “plan contains two major sections: the technical section and the goals, objectives and strategies for management of stocked trout.  The technical section describes the history of trout management in Virginia, how VDGIF approaches management of stocked trout, including production, facilities, species produced, and challenges faced in raising trout. The second section of the Plan lists the values and goals for management of stocked trout within five major issue areas (what stakeholders want to achieve and why) and the objectives and strategies for management of stocked trout (specific accomplishments that will allow VDGIF to measure success in achieving goals and how to approach achieving goals and objectives). The Plan is designed to provide a blueprint for future direction of stocked trout management rather than specific details of day-to-day operations.”

VDGIF also annually publishes a “Catchable Trout Stocking Plan,” designating the stocking frequency and other details for the Commonwealth’s Designated Trout Waters, listed by locality.  A given year’s stocking plan is available online at

More information about VDGIF’s trout-fishing programs and activities is available online at

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