New River Symposium held May 16, 2017, at Radford University’s Selu Conservancy

The 2017 edition of the New River Symposium took place on May 16 at Radford University’s Selu Conservancy, near Radford, Va.  The  biennial symposium is organized by Friends of the New River, the New River Conservancy, and the Radford University Environmental Center.  According to the organizers, the symposium aims to bring together the river’s diverse constituents and provide a forum for partnership, research, and policy development regarding the river’s ecological and cultural values.

For more information, visit; or contact Rick Roth at; Rick Van Noy at; or George Santucci at

For a news account of the 2015 symposium, see River lovers gather for discussion at Radford conference, Roanoke Times, 5/20/15.

New River along Eggleston putin road Aug13 2016 ONE USED Grouper 4-3-17

New River near Eggleston, Va. (Giles County), August 13, 2016.

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