Chesapeake Bay Expertise Database Started in June 2017 by Chesapeake Research Consortium

In June 2017, the Chesapeake Research Consortium announced the start of the Chesapeake Bay Expertise Database (CBED).  The database is available online at online at, and experts from all areas of science (social, natural, and engineering) related to management of the Bay are encouraged to register.  According to that Web site, “The purpose of CBED is to help connect faculty and staff scientists working on Chesapeake related issues with each other, with other scientists in the region, and with managers and other experts and research funders throughout the partnership.”  The Chesapeake Research Consortium, online at, is a non-profit association of seven research and education institutions in the Bay region: Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, Md.), Old Dominion University (Norfolk, Va.), Pennsylvania State University (State College, Penn.), Smithsonian Institute (Washington, D.C.), the University System of Maryland (headquartered in Baltimore), Virginia Institute of Marine Science (Gloucester Point, Va.), and Virginia Tech (Blacksburg, Va.).

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