A Water Conference Sampler from around the United States and Elsewhere – September 6, 2017, Edition; Updated Nov. 1

Here are some water-related meetings in the United States and other countries in coming months, followed by notes for events that recur annually, listed by the month the event typically occurs.

This post is updated as the Virginia Water Resources Research Center learns of new events and a new version is re-posted at least quarterly.  If you would like an event added, please send basic information (date, location, event title, event organizer, Web site, and contact information) to water@vt.edu with subject line: For Water Central Editor.

Some of the information for this edition was provided by the Virginia Water Monitoring Council (VWMC), supported in part by grants from the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality’s Citizen Monitoring Grant Program and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency through the Virginia Department of Health.  More information about the VWMC is available online at http://www.vwmc.vwrrc.vt.edu/.

This post is for non-Virginia events; for water meetings and other events in the Old Dominion, please see the Virginia Water Resources Research Center’s online Quick Guide to Virginia Water-related Events.


The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s National Conservation Training Center in Shepherdstown, W. Va. (shown here in Sep. 2014) annually hosts many water-related meetings, including the Chesapeake Watershed Forum each September.

2017 Events

Oct. 31-Nov. 2, 2017 – Wilmington, N.C.: Bottomland and Swamp Forests Symposium.  Organized by  the North Carolina State University.  More information: https://projects.ncsu.edu/mckimmon/cpe/opd/bottomland/index.html; or e-mail aj.lang@ncagr.gov.

Nov. 3-5, 2017, National Conservation Training Center, Shepherdstown, W. Va.: Chesapeake Watershed Forum.  Organized by the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay.  More information: https://www.allianceforthebay.org/our-work/key-program-focuses/networking-education/chesapeake-watershed-forum/; (804) 775-0951 (Virginia office) or contact@allianceforthebay.org.

Nov. 5-9, 2017, Portland, Ore: American Water Resources Association Annual Conference.  More information: http://www.awra.org/meetings/Portland2017/; (540) 687-8390 (Middleburg, Va.); e-mail: info@awra.org.

Nov. 6-9, 2017, Westminster, Colo.:  37th International Symposium of the North American Lake Management Society (NALMS).  More information: https://www.nalms.org/nalms2017/ ; phone (608) 233-2836 (Madison, Wisc.).

Nov. 8-11, 2017, Baltimore, Md.: Ninth Symposium on Harmful Algae in the U.S.  This year’s theme is “Training the Next Generation.”  More information: https://www.9thushab.com/; or contact Dr. Allen Place, (410) 234-8828.

Nov. 9, 2017, Gulfport, Fla.: Conserving the Coasts: The State of Marine Ecosystems and Coastal Compensatory Mitigation.  Fifth annual Environmental Law Institute/Stetson University Wetlands Workshop.  More information: http://www.stetson.edu/law/international/biodiversity/wetlands-workshop.php; phone (757) 562-7864; e-mail: biodiversity@law.stetson.edu.

Nov. 15-19, 2017, Albuquerque, N.M.: Society of American Foresters National Convention.  More information http://www.eforester.org/safconvention; (301) 897-8720 (Bethesda, Md.); e-mail: membership@safnet.org.

Dec. 4-5, 2017, Washington, D.C.: Clean Water Act: Law and Regulation 2017.  Annual advanced course for continuing legal education (CLE), organized by American Law Institute and Environmental Law Institute.  More information: https://www.ali-cle.org/course/Clean-Water-Act-Law-and-Regulation-CZ010; phone (202) 939-3800 (Environmental Law Institute in Washington, D.C.).

Dec. 8, 2017, North Linthicum, Md.: Maryland Water Monitoring Council Annual Conference.  This year’s theme is “Managing Water Quality in a Changing World.”  More information: http://dnr.maryland.gov/streams/Pages/MWMC/conference.aspx; or contact Dan Boward at dan.boward@maryland.gov.

Dec. 11-15, 2017, New Orleans, La.: American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting. More information: http://fallmeeting.agu.org/2017/.

Dec. 13, 2017, Washington, D.C.: Congress on Contemporary Issues in
Forest and Wildland Management.
  Organized by the Renewable Natural Resources Foundation.  More information: http://www.rnrf.org/2017cong/; phone (301) 770-9101 (Bethesda, Md.); e-mail: info@rnrf.org.

2018 Events

Jan. 7-11, 2018, Austin, Tex.: American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting.  More information: https://annual.ametsoc.org/2018/; phone 617-226-3916; e-mail: meetings@ametsoc.org.

Jan. 8, 2018, Austin, Tex.: 46th Conference on Broadcast Meteorology.  Organized by the American Meteorological Society.  More information: https://annual.ametsoc.org/2018/index.cfm/programs/conferences-and-symposia/46th-conference-on-broadcast-meteorology/; phone 617-226-3916; e-mail: meetings@ametsoc.org.

Feb. 20-23, 2018, San Antonio, Tex.: Utility Management Conference 2018.  Organized by the American Water Works Association and Water Environment Federation in cooperation with the Water Environment Association of Texas.  More information: http://www.wef.org/events/conferences/upcoming-conferences/Utilitymanagement2018/; or phone the Water Environment Federation at (800) 666-0206 (Alexandria, Va.).

March 14-15, 2018, Raleigh, N.C.: Annual Conference of the Water Resources Research Institute of the University of North Carolina.  More information: https://wrri.ncsu.edu/wrri-events/annual-conference/.

Apr. 10, 2018, location to be determined: National Watershed and Stormwater Conference.  Organized by the Center for Watershed Protection.   More information: https://www.cwp.org/conference/; phone: (410) 461-8323 (Ellicott City, Md.); e-mail: cps@cwp.org (Chris Swann).

Apr. 22-25, 2018, Orlando, Fla.: GIS and Water Resources X.  Spring specialty conference of the American Water Resources Association.  More information https://awra.org/meetings/Orlando2018/index.html; (540) 687-8390 (Middleburg, Va.); e-mail: info@awra.org.

June 2018, Nebraska (dates and specific location to be announced): University of Nebraska-Lincoln Water Center’s annual Water and Natural Resources Tour.  More information: http://unlcms.unl.edu/ianr/water-for-food/nebraska-water-center/conferences-and-events.

Jun. 12-14, 2018, Annapolis, Md.: Sixth Biennial Chesapeake Modeling Symposium.  Organized by the Chesapeake Community Modeling Program.  More information: visit this Facebook page, or http://ches.communitymodeling.org/.

Jun. 26-28, 2018, Pittsburgh, Penn.: Universities Council on Water Resources (UCOWR)/ National Institutes for Water Resources (NIWR) Conference.  More information: http://ucowr.org/conferences.

Nov. 4-8, 2018, Baltimore, Md: American Water Resources Association Annual Conference.  More information: https://awra.org/index.html; (540) 687-8390 (Middleburg, Va.); e-mail: info@awra.org.

Annually Recurring Events

(Shown is the month(s) each year when the event is normally held; specific dates change each year, and locations may change.)

January: annual meeting of the American Meteorological Society. More information: https://www2.ametsoc.org/ams/index.cfm/meetings-events/.

February, Washington, D.C.: American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Annual Meeting.  More information: http://meetings.aaas.org/.

February, even years (next 2018): Ocean Sciences Meeting. Organized by the American Geophysical Union, the American Society of Limnology and Oceanography, and the Oceanography Society. More information: http://osm.agu.org/2016/.

February, Amarillo, Tex.: Annual High Plains Irrigation Conference and Trade Show.  Organized by the Texas A&M University Agrilife Research and Extension Center.  More information: http://amarillo.tamu.edu/high-plains-irrigation-conference/; phone (806) 677-5644.

Late February or early March, Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Annual International Conference on Water Management Modeling.  Organized by Computational Hydraulics International (CHI) of Guelph, Ontario.  More information: http://www.chiwater.com/Training/Conferences/conferencetoronto.asp.

March: Multi-State Salinity Coalition Annual Salinity Summit.  More information: http://multi-statesalinitycoalition.com/events/.

March: North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference. Organized by the Wildlife Management Institute.  More information: http://www.wildlifemanagementinstitute.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=348&Itemid=61.

March, Lincoln, Neb.:  Annual symposium of the Nebraska Water Center, and  annual Nebraska Water Law Conference.  More information: http://watercenter.unl.edu/ConferencesEvents.asp; (402) 472-3305; waterinfo@unl.edu.

March or April, Washington, D.C.: National Environmental Policy Forum.  Organized by the National Association of Clean Water Agencies, Water Environment Federation, and Water Environment Research Foundation.  More information: http://www.nacwa.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=7&Itemid=4.

April: Annual Northeast Fish & Wildlife Conference. More information: http://www.neafwa.org/.

April, Lincoln, Neb.: Annual Water for Food Global Conference.  More information: http://waterforfood.nebraska.edu/conference-and-events/; phone (402) 472-5145; e-mail: waterforfood@nebraska.edu.

April: National Hurricane Conference.  More information: http://hurricanemeeting.com/.

April, Rapid City, S.D.: Western South Dakota Hydrology Meeting. Organized by the U.S. Geological Survey’s South Dakota Water Science Center and several partners.  More information: http://sd.water.usgs.gov/WSDconf/; Janet Carter, (605) 394-3215 or jmcarter@usgs.gov.

April through September: Workshops by North Carolina State University Stream Restoration Program.  For more information click on the individual links below or go to http://www.ncsu.edu/srp/rivercourse.html; or contact Cathy Smith at (919) 515-6780 or cathy_smith@ncsu.edu.

May: World Environmental and Water Resources Congress.  Organized by the American Society of Civil Engineers.  More information: http://www.ewricongress.org; (800) 548-2723.

May:  National Monitoring Conference. Organized by the National Water Quality Monitoring Council.  More information: http://acwi.gov/monitoring/conference/2016/.

May: Annual conference of the Choose Clean Water Coalition (a group of some 200 organizations in the Chesapeake Bay watershed; based in Annapolis, Md.).  More information http://choosecleanwater.org/; (443) 759-3407; info@choosecleanwater.org.

May or Jun.: annual Congress of the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society.  More information: http://congress.cmos.ca/.

June: Annual conference of the Universities Council on Water Resources (UCOWR), the National Institutes for Water Resources (NIWR), and the Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science, Inc. (CUAHSI).  More information: http://ucowr.org/conferences; or contact UCOWR at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, (618) 536-7571 or ucowr@siu.edu.

June: University of Nebraska-Lincoln Water Center’s annual Water and Natural Resources Tour.  More information: http://unlcms.unl.edu/ianr/water-for-food/nebraska-water-center/conferences-and-events.

June: American Water Works Association’s Annual Conference & Exposition.  More information: http://www.awwa.org/conferences-education/conferences/annual-conference.aspx.

June: Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society Congress.  More information: http://congress.cmos.ca/.

June or July: National Marine Educators Association annual conference.  More information: http://www.marine-ed.org/?page=events; phone (844) 687-6632; e-mail: nmea@marine-ed.org.

June or July: Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference.  Organized by the American Chemical Society.  More information: http://www.gcande.org/.

July or August: Soil and Water Conservation Society’s Annual Conference.  More information: http://www.swcs.org/en/conferences/.

August: American Fisheries Society Annual Conference.  More information: http://afsannualmeeting.fisheries.org/.

August: Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting. More information: http://esa.org.

August: Colorado Water Congress Summer Conference and Membership Meeting.  More information: http://www.cowatercongress.org/summer-conference.html; phone (303) 837-0812.

August or September: American Meteorological Society annual conference on radar meteorology.   More information: https://www.ametsoc.org/ams/index.cfm/meetings-events/; phone (617) 227-2425 (Boston, Mass.); e-mail: amsinfo@ametsoc.org.

September, National Conservation Training Center, Shepherdstown, W. Va.: Chesapeake Watershed Forum.  Organized by the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay.  More information: https://allianceforthebay.org/our-work/engaging-local-communities/chesapeake-watershed-forum/; (804) 775-0951 (Virginia office) or contact@allianceforthebay.org.

September: Water Environment Federation’s Annual Technical Exhibition and Conference (WEFTEC).  More information: http://www.weftec.org/meetings_events/default.aspx.

September: Groundwater Protection Council Annual Forum and National Rural Water Association’s (NWRA) WaterPro Conference.  More information: http://waterproconference.org/.

October:  Annual Pesticides and the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Project Conference.  Organized by the Maryland Conservation Council.  More information: http://www.mdconservationcouncil.org/save-the-date-tues-oct-24th-pesticides-the-chesapeake-bay-watershed-project/; mdconservationcouncil@yahoo.com.

October: Sustaining Colorado Watersheds Conference.  Organized by the Colorado Watershed Assembly, Colorado Foundation for Water Education, and Colorado Riparian Association.  More information: http://www.coloradowater.org/scw-conference-2017/; phone (720) 722-4213; e-mail: info@coloradowater.org.

October: Maryland Water Monitoring Council Annual Conference.  More information: http://dnr2.maryland.gov/streams/Pages/MWMC/conference.aspx.

October, St. Paul, Minn.  Annual conference of the University of Minnesota Water Resources Center.  More information: http://www.wrc.umn.edu/.

October: Annual conference of the North American Association for Environmental Education.  More information: https://naaee.org/conference; phone: (202) 419-0412 (Washington, D.C.).

October: South Carolina Water Resources Conference.  Organized by Clemson University Public Service Activities.  More information: http://www.clemson.edu/public/sc_water_resources/index.html.

October: Annual Southeast Stormwater Association Regional Stormwater Conference.  More information: https://seswa.memberclicks.net/annual-conference.

October or November: GIS-Pro – Annual conference of the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association. More information: http://www.urisa.org/.

November: American Water Resources Association (AWRA) Annual Conference.  More information: http://www.awra.org/index.html.

November: Society of American Foresters National Convention. More information: http://www.xcdsystem.com/safconference/website/.

November: Joint annual meeting of the American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America, and Soil Science Society of America.  More information: https://www.acsmeetings.org/.

November, South Carolina: International Conference on Shellfish Restoration.  Organized by South Carolina Sea Grant.  More information: http://www.scseagrant.org/content/?cid=297; phone (843) 953-2078.

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